To present the proposal of protocol for Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the instrument The Assessment of Strategies in Families-Effectiveness to the Brazilian Portuguese language, and validate it for use with Brazilian families. Method: this is a quantitative, cross-sectional study. For the development of the transcultural adaptation process, the methodological standards recommended for use in another cultural context were followed. This study will be carried out in Basic Health Units that have a Family Health Strategy in Brazil. The participants will be recruited by the community health agents in a home visit: The initial validation steps include: a) Qualitatively evaluate the instrument properties with 15 participants; b) Perform the initial pre-test of the instrument with 30 participants and c) comple thevalidation of the instrument with 200 participants. Two instruments in total will be used: a form for the sociodemographic characterization and the instrument that will evaluate family effectiveness. Exploratory factor analysis and the reliability test using “Cronbach Alpha coefficients” will be  pplied. The theoretical model employed is the Framework of Systemic Organization to interpret the results. Results expects: the adapted instrument is expected to have internal consistency (at least 0.70) both among the items and domains. Read more

Fernanda Lise, Eda Schwartz, Marie-Luise Friedemann, Kathryn Hoehn Anderson

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